September 2020 top digital titles revealed, Super Mario 3D All-Stars becomes the biggest digital launch for a Mario game on Switch

We've got a new record!

Superdata has revealed the top 10 highest-grossing digital titles for September 2020. We get a look at the console and digital side of things, where Nintendo found success in both.

The real success story here is Super Mario 3D All-Stars. The game sold 1.8 million digital units, making it the biggest digital launch for a Mario title on Switch. It's even more impressive to see the game hit the top of the digital charts, as there are no microtransactions to be found, so the placement comes on game purchases alone.

Have a look at the full top 10 for both mobile and console in the chart below.

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Shame that those who purchase a Switch from April 1st will pretty much not be able to play Super Mario 3D All Stars.

April Fools I guess.

Fri Oct 23 20 04:49pm
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Slightly misleading. You don't need a Switch to buy Switch download codes from third party retailers. You do from the eShop, but that's it. Physical, digital from Best Buy, etc. are still on the table.

Either way, this is a shitty move and bully tactic by Nintendo and should not be supported.

Never seen any game specific digital codes for sale here in Ireland. I would hope those codes are redeemable after March. It’s unlikely someone would go and buy game codes without having a Switch anyways.

Physical copies will likely have dried up by then too, from a rush of people to grab copies before they’re gone for good or from people buying up stock to flip to sell second hand at jacked up prices from April onwards. Either way, someone who buys a Switch later next year is going to needlessly struggle to be able to purchase this game.

There are literally millions of copies of the game and they won't all go poof after the 31st. Retail will be plentiful via the second hand market. SMB35 is the one that feels more meaningless imo

So everyone with a physical copy will decide to sell? Yeah I don’t think so. Few might sell at jacked up prices.

Fri Oct 23 20 05:07pm
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No, I'm saying there'll be lots of unsold stock for a good while. I literally went to my walmart the other day and they had thirty copies, after being sold out on launch week. Target also had tons of copies. They won't last until the end of 2021 likely, but I doubt it'll be like certain limited print games (looking at you Super Rare Games) which jump from MSRP to $130 due to being in such short supply and nobody selling them. It may hover near 60 or 80 but I think people looking to flip this game will be pretty disappointed.

That’s assuming Nintendo maintains stock between now and March 31st. I also expect there to be a stock clear out closer to March 31st from people wanting a physical copy before they’re gone for good, and also from people looking to score copies with the intention of selling at jacked up prices later in the year. Either way, I don’t expect there to be much, if any, physical stock remain in April.

The game isn't listed as discontinued on our end and I believe we're still receiving copies. Nintendo also knows this will be a big seller in Christmas.

Only one million? Nah..it has to be more than that.

Sat Oct 24 20 06:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

One point eight ( 1.8 ) million and that's only digital sales, ignoring physical.


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