Mischief Makers-inspired platformer "Double Shake" hits Kickstarter, will come to Switch if funded

What a Treasure!

DoubleShake is our love letter to our favorite PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 games that we grew up with, such as "Mischief Makers", "Tomba!"*, and "Klonoa". Our goal is to utilize modern technology, techniques. and game design to "shake up" this nostalgic aesthetic.

GRAB just about anything not nailed down to the floor, including enemies! Carry small objects around or attach to Grapple Orbs to navigate tricky terrain!

THROW things to clear the way! Throw carry-able things forward, up, down, and all around to solve puzzles, defeat foes, and destroy obstacles!

SHAKE up the scene! Give your enemies a jostle, activate held objects, shake off their loose valuables, swing massive weapons, shoot guns, various other things that are too spoiler-y to mention here, and when you're not holding anything, shake your money maker to taunt enemies!

KICK the heck out of everything to disarm enemies and ricochet off of various objects and walls. Your kick doesn't deal enough damage to anything not in shambles, but it still has great knock-back and can stun foes.

NAVIGATE winding, twisting, branching, bobbing, flowing, changing, turning, rotating 2.5D-style paths throughout scenic vistas ranging from quaint fishing villages, volcanic mountainsides, haunted vineyards, and... an entire fusillade of in-flight missiles!? Paths can converge and split at crossroads, or Super Jump Pads can let you quickly transfer to faraway points! Also, as the game progresses, the levels become more and more puzzle and exploration-focused.

DISCOVER a ton of secrets, items, alternate paths, and ability upgrades scattered and tucked away in the deepest darkest corners of the levels! Eat Golden Peppers to increase your max health and find ability upgrades!

ENCOUNTER a band of nasty ne'er-do-wells (and the occasional dangerous wildlife), including several bosses! Utilize your grab and kick mechanics to turn their attacks and projectiles into counter-attacks, take them down and overthrow their evil plans!

Does DoubleShake seem like something you'd be interested in? You can help bring the game to Switch by pledging to the Kickstarter. The team wants just $9,000 to make the Switch version happen, which seems more than doable. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Thanks to PC for the heads up!

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I’m not too crazy about the art style and character design, wish it was more in line with the old 90s Treasure style. But, if it’s Mischief Makers related, I’m there for it, no questions asked!

I really wish SquareEnix would re-release Mischief Makers. That game was incredible.

I watched the video and thought "There's plenty of Tomba here too!"

Then I saw that they listed Tomba as a source of inspiration.

Very Mischeif Makers in terms of mechanics, but more Tomba in terms of environments and the branching paths. I do feel the environments could use a minor sprucing up (maybe add some slight extra detailing to the grass and rock textures that still looks period authentic) but it looks like it's already close to nailing the look and feel of the games it's inspired by.

Also as of this comment it's already met the goal so that's cool to see! It says PC and Nintendo Switch are priorities so that means we're guaranteed to get it on Switch, and Playstation and Xbox are likely gonna be part of the stretch goals (it would be odd if this didn't at least hit PS4/5 as it does list Tomba, an IP Sony published back in the day, as an inspiration).

Looks interesting. But really...Squenix should release Mischief Makers


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