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To celebrate the upcoming Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding Pikmin.

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Sun Oct 25 20 08:10pm
Rating: 2

I used to watch Arlo's videos, but stopped because all he did was complain and nag. Does anyone know if he's still doing that or has that phase passed?

Are you sure you aren't confusing him with someone else? All he does now is walk on eggshells to not say anything remotely controversial.

I remember that I soured on him back at the fall 2019 Direct because he got all butthurt that Pikmin wasn't there.

He definitely got flak for that, hence why now he just walks on eggshells and sometimes finger-wags his audience.

Sun Oct 25 20 08:53pm
Rating: 1

I dropped him last year or so. It was surely before the first news of the pandemic in December.

I don't really remember but it became a series of 15+ minute videos of him just complaining. By the third one in a row I dropped him like a bag of rotten eggs on a hot summer day and never looked back.

Glad to see people talked sense into him. Or at least that he lost $$ because of it and thus changed.

Sun Oct 25 20 09:22pm
Rating: 1

He complains still, but always with caveats. He's not say, TheBitBlock though in terms of complaining.

Indeed, The Bitblock is way worse in terms of complaining. If still follow them both but vidoes that I know will be about complaining against sth I skip.

I find TheBitBlock's lack of ability to actually produce interesting videos more disappointing. I don't mind listening to rants or "complaining" sometimes if it makes good points, he just produces so little and Arlo is so milquetoast about criticizing anything now.

Mon Oct 26 20 02:16pm
Rating: 1

It's hard to believe someone complain even more XD
Look. I'm all for voicing your opinion when you disagree with something. But when you disagree with everything and cannot make a compelling argument for yourself, there's something really wrong going on.

Mon Oct 26 20 09:31am
Rating: 2

He does complain too much and rambles too long to make the videos longer, I stopped watching them as well.

I've kind of gone off watching Arlo as well. I don’t think it's the complaining I have a problem with, I agree with him and would go even further. I know that Covid has affected him and his production, but his output has been lacklustre, I don’t and won't watch his round-up videos of old news. I think he has personal issues that he's kind of alluded to without getting into specifics.

Mon Oct 26 20 03:40pm
Rating: 1

I haven't been watching Arlo much either, the issue for me is he's become a bit of a downer. Lately his videos seem to be all pessimistic, never really hopeful or excited for anything.

Tue Oct 27 20 04:03pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

I use to watch Arlo until I realize his knowledge of video games was very limited and his constant complaining didn't help much. If it's not Paper Mario, Pikmin, or Metroid Prime. You're kinda out of luck. For a big fan, he's some what of a normie when it comes to Nintendo games.

Best of luck to him.


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