My Time at Portia sequel, My Time at Sandrock, announced for Nintendo Switch via Kickstarter campaign

Greetings, Portians and newcomers alike! Welcome back to the Alliance of Free Cities, and to the rugged mining town of Sandrock in My Time at Sandrock! In this much-anticipated follow-up to our award-winning simulation RPG, My Time at Portia, you will build up a brand new workshop and help out a struggling town in the most epic and legendary ways imaginable! But before you go on this unique adventure, we need your help to build My Time at Sandrock into the best experience it can be! We’re so grateful for your support on the Kickstarter for My Time at Portia back in 2018; it really helped propel that game into what it is today. So here we are again, hoping we can pull off the same magic!

Why We Need Your Help

We’re a small studio, so we never have enough funding. But the reason we wanted to do this Kickstarter is because there are a couple of features that we really want to do well this time around, and any extra funding would go a long way to ensure that.

The first thing is multiplayer. Multiplayer is hard to do well, and we want to create a multiplayer mode that people would actually be excited to bring their friends in to play. To do that, we’ll need to hire more programmers, designers and artists to specifically craft that experience, and that’ll significantly increase the budget.

The second thing we want to do is to self-publish. We feel like that if we handle all the publishing duties ourselves, we’ll be better positioned to service all the different platforms in a timely matter. This will also take some extra budget.

Overall, we do have the funding to finish the game in a timely and fully realized manner. If the Kickstarter somehow fails, we’ll probably only have a basic version of multiplayer until the sales of the game pick up.

Click here to check out the official Kickstarter page!


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