Dauntless "Dark Harvest" Launch Trailer

It's getting dark...

Dauntless players can enjoy the Dark Harvest event starting today. The fun sticks around until Nov. 2nd, 2020, making for a short-but-sweet event. Check out full details on what the Dark Harvest has to offer below.

Dark Harvest is upon us, Slayer. As a foreboding Autumn takes hold of the Shattered Isles, so too do the Unseen descend on Ramsgate. Or did they ever leave?

This shadowy group deals in dark arts, and with each cycle of seasons seem to grow more and more powerful. Now, they have begun conjuring portals and constructing effigies of the umbral Behemoth Shrowd across the Shattered Isles for their own nefarious means.

Thankfully, you’re here to prevent their conspiracy from coming to fruition.

Check out the complete rundown here

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