Dataminer finds list of banned words for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory players

From honkers to pubes

Want to get yourself in trouble when playing Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory? Try to use one of the many, many words that Square-Enix has blocked from the game. It's not clear what happens if you try to use these words. The game will probably just tell you that the word/phrase isn't allowed and that's that. If you somehow find a way to get by these filtered words, prepare for Square-Enix to take action.

We've placed the list of words after the jump, as quite a few of them are offensive in numerous ways. You've been warned.


I really want to see the full list if its anywhere near as obtuse as some of these choices like Himmler or Prozac. You'd think the combination of just tit, f*ck, and wank would suffice instead of banning what now looks like a pornhub tag list.


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