Steam Prison announced for Japanese release on Feb. 25th, 2020, new trailer shared

It's the slammer for you!

Publisher Dramatic Create and developer HuneX have announced that their otome visual novel Steam Prison is heading to the Switch in Japan on February 25th, 2021. The title is priced at 6,900 yen, and will feature Japanese voice-overs and English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) subtitle options. You can get a full breakdown of what the game offers below.

The Heights are a gorgeous utopia. The Depths, a filthy industrial wasteland. Our heroine, raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those below. Now an observation mission requires her to descend into that world, and the gears of fate have begun to turn.

A heroine who does not know love. What paths would she choose at the mercy of this world?

Switch Edition Added Content

Opening Theme – New Switch Edition Opening Theme “Brillance”, with new video sequence, performed by the 6 dateable characters.
Video Playback Mode – PC and PS Vita edition Opening Themes can be viewed from the Video Playback Mode.
Best Ends Video – New Character Songs for Best Ends, with newly added closing credits.
Wedding Eye – Short story “Wedding Eve” added in Novel Mode for immersive experience!
Language – Apart from Japanese for display text, English and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) options are available.
New Additional CG – New additional CG rewards after clearing the game!

There are two kinds of people: the rulers and the ruled. A catastrophic flood split the world into two. The Heights, a gorgeous utopia. The Depths, a filthy industrial wasteland.

The people of the Heights, who were privileged to escape the disaster look at the survivors they have abandoned in the Depths with disdain.

Our heroine, Cyrus Tistella, born and raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those from the Depths. To the people of the Heights, the Depths is a prison where sinners are banished. A land where the lowly dwell. Without ever involving with the Depths, Cyrus lives her life as a police officer in the Heights, protecting the people with faith in her sense of justice.

One day, on an observation mission, Cyrus travelled with her partner, Fin, to the area of the Depths where criminals from the Heights were kept.

As Cyrus descend to that unkown world, the gears of her fate has begun to turn…

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