Bravely Default II launching for Switch on Feb. 26th, 2021, delayed from originally planned 2020 release

Seeing a slight delay!

Bravely Default II will no longer be making its originally planned 2020 launch "to ensure this RPG experience is the best it can be", but will instead be releasing in early 2021, on February 26th to be exact. Pre-purchases are currently being accepted on the Switch eShop, with the free demo (that released earlier this year) still available. Check out the latest trailer above from the recent Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.

Guided by the crystals, four heroes set out on a grand adventure. In their way stands a group of powerful Asterisks bearers, each possessing a powerful job type.

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Wed Oct 28 20 11:22am
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Wait, is this a new demo? Or the same one we had before? Either way, I don't see a demo on the eShop at all right now for the game.

Is there a demo? The only demo I could find for this game on the EU eShop is the March demo which is likely not representative of the final game.

Wed Oct 28 20 12:54pm
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Same demo as before. My apologies!

If this is anything like the Kingdom Hearts demo it will not appear until tomorrow afternoon or was it even later? I feel like it didn't become available until the following Friday...

Okay... So the Direct allowed clingers to let go of BD2 and NMH3 coming out this year. Now all that is left is for those still hoping for New Pokémon Snap in 2020 to come to their senses (which they should already have since there's no promise of release window in the only footage we have for the game)

I hope they discount the BD games on 3DS so I can get the second one Smile

We've known for a while that NMH3 wouldn't come out this year though, Suda announced the delay a month or so ago

I know, but now there's also Nintendo showing it Smile

It's just there are people who fail to grasp basic levels of logic. And it's universal, unfortunately Sad

Exhibit A: No date or more footage shown for New Pokémon Snap. But there are people thinking it's a 2020 game

Exhibit B: Sony's last first party AAA PS4 exclusive was announced in October 2017. But there are people who still think the PS4 will have more of those.

Exhibit C: Microsoft has bought a bunch of studios between 2018 and now. AAA games take 3 to 5 years to make. Because MS has not released any new exclusives there are people saying the Series X|S will have no exclusives

Wed Oct 28 20 01:46pm
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I get ya, unfortunatelly gamers having unresonable expectations isn't something that will ever stop it seems.


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