New Champion Vora Joins the Realm of Paladins

Vora hour

We've already shared a few details on Vora, but now she's available in Paladins. If you missed the rundown on what Vora has to offer, you can check out the official announcement below.

Vora, the Harbinger, revealed last month in the above trailer, has just become the 46th Champion of Paladins. She can now be unlocked in-game simply by playing. She is the namesake of the new major content update ‘Vora’s Pact’.


She was once a loyal guardian devoting her life to the Moon Goddess Io. Now Vora walks a path of destruction in Paladins, armed with a scythe and fueled by spite. As a Flank, she excels at bypassing the frontline and preying on isolated foes, dealing tremendous damage.

“Our animation team tried to evoke a sense of lethal elegance in Vora's attacks”, says Game Designer Kevin Readen. “With her rage twisted further by the Maw's corrupting influence, Vora's graceful pirouette is now a deadly Danse Macabre. We definitely worked hard to find a balance of speed, readability and overall gracefulness in her attacks. Meanwhile, Vora's gameplay design combines high mobility, using a scythe to deliver a damage-over-time flavor that is uncommon in Paladins, and more utility than you would usually find on a Flank champion to create a unique experience for players, one we hope they enjoy!”

With her ultimate ability, Vora channels her wrath and bursts out at hyperspeed toward her target, dealing a vicious blow that very few can survive.

Arcane Pact Battle Pass

The brand-new fantasy-themed Arcane Pact Battle Pass is also live in Paladins. It brings witches, bear kings, and dark elves to the Realm as four Exclusive Champion skins plus an alternative version for each of them. Additionally the Battle Pass features a hundred more rewards such as Chests, Avatars, Loading Frames, and more.

All players take part in the Battle Pass completely free of charge through its Free Track. However, for 600 Crystals players can unlock the Premium Track, containing even more treasures. Both tracks progress simply by playing Paladins. The Free Track includes 450 Crystals, complemented by 150 Crystals from the Premium Track. As a result, completing both tracks gives back all the Crystals spent.

Map Visual Update

One of Paladins’ most popular maps, Frozen Guard, has been given a complete visual overhaul improving quality and readability while preserving its popular layout. That change of scenery also applies to the awe-inspiring vista: the map now sits high up on a mountainside overlooking fjords, with other towns visible off in the distance.

The Vora’s Pact update is complete with a Ranked soft reset and numerous balance changes bringing a fresh feel to the Realm.

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