Some Australian players seem to be locked out of Nintendo's cloud-based games on Switch

Control: Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 were announced for Nintendo Switch this week, and both of these games can only be played via a cloud-based service. While this may sound fine in practice, this has lead some Australian users to be completely unable to play the games. It is believed that these cloud servers are only available on a regional basis, and when it comes to Australia's servers, their infrastructure just is not sufficient enough to play these types of games. There are even still issues if an Australian user switches from an Australian eShop account to an American one; the fact of the matter is that users are struggling to play cloud-based games in Australia.


Thu Oct 29 20 10:25am
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Part of me hopes that cloud-based gaming doesn't become the norm, since I prefer to be able to download and play regardless of internet quality/bandwidth availability, but part of me hopes that it DOES become the norm, because then I'd stop buying games and save a ton of money.

sure, and then it goes like movies and series, where there is region exclusive stuff to the uk and us, that no other regions get. Much better with it being "open" and more consumer friendly like now.

Hmm, the return of region locking.

In Latin America I got the same message, 200 Mbps connection, wired. Also, it is a blurry laggy mess before the session ends

Since I don't use wired I thought it was my connection, it didn't occur to me it could be a problem based on location.

Kotaku Australia asked Nintendo about the situation and their response is below.


It appears Australians won’t have access to Control: Ultimate Edition or other cloud gaming titles on Nintendo Switch (like Resident Evil 7).

A local representative from Nintendo told Kotaku Australia, “The regional availability of any individual game, regardless of its distribution method, is determined by the publisher.”

No further information about cloud gaming for Nintendo Switch consoles in Australia was provided, so don’t hold your breath for Switch cloud gaming in Australia anytime soon.

I'm surprised they got any response at all from Nintendo as the normally don't comment. It's them kinda passing the buck.


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