GungHo streams gameplay from the third season of Ninjala

Season 3 is here!

GungHo announced the third season of Ninjala earlier this week, and now it's underway. If you want to see what it has to offer, you can watch the official live-stream above. Along with that, read a recap of Season 3 below.

Kicking off Season 3 is a collaborative event with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s hit song “Ninja Re Bang Bang Steve Aoki Remix.” From October 29 through November 26, players will be able to purchase the BGM remix to play during battle, Kyary’s ninja outfit from her original music video, and a themed dance emote from the Specialty Shop.

In addition to the collab, Ninjala fans will be treated to a bunch of new content in Season 3:

● The Croissant Arena is a French-inspired stage that features the new Drone Monitor, which lets players locate where the Drones will spawn.

● Two new Hammer weapons are introduced alongside a new Gum Ninjutsu, Special, and Gum Shoot.

○ The Baiting Shark Gum Ninjutsu traps enemy players via an unassuming scroll placed on the ground. When another player comes near, a shark jumps out and attacks them.

○ The Full-Throttle Field Special deploys a health regenerating barrier to help protect and heal a wounded Ninja.

○ The Gum Laser Gum Shoot fires a laser in a straight line and burns anything between you and the end of the beam.

● Spectator Mode allows players to watch Battle Royale and Team Battle matches by switching between either an overhead camera or different player POVs

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