Retro Studios snags former Rockstar dev

A former GTA dev joins up

Retro Studios continues to snatch up some serious talent from around the game industry to help on Metroid Prime 4, and whatever else they have cooking.

This time around, Retro has brought in former Rockstar employee Marisa Palumbo, who is taking on the role of lead producer. Palumbo has quite the resume, as she's worked on games such as Grant Theft Auto IV and V, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, and after her Rockstar stint, she worked on Overwatch with Blizzard.

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Thu Oct 29 20 10:00pm
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A new Retro hire, a new opportunity for someone to claim that it looks like they just now started development of Metroid Prime 4.

It looks like they just started development of Metroid Prime 4.

There'll always be people like that (in a not-joking manner)

I just hope they drop the 4 in the title. It's much less inviting

I think the title will change, putting "Metroid Prime 4" out there was just Nintendo making a point. I also think/hope that the way the whole situation has played out will put more creative control into Retro's hands.

I also think that will happen Smile
I wish SEGA had done the same to Valkyria Chronicles... They really don't promote that series well

It looks like they'll start development of Metroid Prime 4 next millennium.

Next time we're gonna hear about Samus stealing spaceships and committing galactic crimes.

Looking at what I can find of her credits online (being a video producer and writer), I believe this is another cutscene-related hire.

If so, that's more good news.

Some day they will be big enough for two projects at once, right? Right?!

No? Ok...

Fri Oct 30 20 04:52am
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They already are, their second project is barbecuing.

Which sucks, because it's Texas barbecue Sad
I'm Brazilian and won't apologize for having better barbecues ;)

I appreciate the beautiful throwback reference here

What are the odds that 4 will release by the end of the Switch lifespan?


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