Joe Biden campaign opens up a Fortnite Creative island

The Joe Biden presidential campaign has already added some content to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in terms of patterns and a special island, and now they've turned their focus to Fortnite. The campaign has opened a “Build Back Better With Biden” Creative island, and it features voting info, challenges, Easter eggs, and more. Just like the Animal Crossing content, it's clear the Biden team has put a ton of time and effort into this project. Use the code 0215-4511-1823 in Fortnite Creative to visit the island for yourself.

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Sat Oct 31 20 07:18pm
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How do you do, fellow kids?

Sat Oct 31 20 07:18pm
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How do you do, fellow kids?

I can genuinely say with hand on heart that I had no idea where that line was from or why people liked it. But it reminded me of an image I seen before of Steve Buscemi dressed as a teenager with a skateboard in a school. I was going to reply to this with a gif, but lo and behold I find out that this is where that line comes from. It is a funny meme. 😂

You learn something new every day.

Sat Oct 31 20 07:56pm
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First Animal Crossing and now this?! I hope Epic and Nintendo bans politics from posting anything that involves children!

Sat Oct 31 20 10:42pm
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Don't you have to put in a specific code to actually go to this or the Animal Crossing island?

You do and you can freely report it. I would.

This is cringe as heck but it's not illegal by any means. You literally have to go out of your way to find both of these. It's not that bad at all, just a silly boomer move that you can easily ignore

Yeah but someone should be asking why targeting children in Animal Crossing?

who's saying they're targeting children? children won't find this on accident. Even if they somehow do, nothing there is NSFW. Tons of adults play it and the Kinda Funny team who made this has an adult audience so they got the job done for their target demographic

Still, politics should not be allowed on games like Fortnite and Animal Crossing.

Sun Nov 01 20 02:45pm
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We are now dipping into vague free speech territory along with the various ideologies that surround it.

This is user-generated content. With the same political impact as downloading Obama from the Check Mii Out channel on Wii or fighting on a custom map of Trump's head in Smash. Even if this time these islands come from official political sources, they aren’t making any kind of impression. That Fortnight video has 1,707 views and you can’t visit either AC or Fortnight Biden Islands without a code.

I think it’s a stretch to argue this was geared and targeted for kids. However, if The Biden Campaign partnered with Nintendo to send every Animal Crossing a hat that said “vote for joe” on it. I would say that’s clearly a partnership between politics and gaming and very much an issue.

Strategically I think this is politically meaningless, there is no Undecided voter this is going to win over. The only reason I remember the AC Biden Island is even a thing, Is because I keep seeing people bringing up it in comments sections to complain about its existence.

Sun Nov 01 20 02:56pm
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Politics are in a lot more games than you think it's in. These are barely an issue, since you literally have to go hunting for them. It's fine.

Sat Oct 31 20 09:20pm
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This reeks of “How do you do, fellow kids?”

Why does U.S. reinforce the cult of the personality with their politicians rather than following the policies and legislation?

Sadly I watched the trailer for this Fortnite thing, and it has absolutely zero....nothing....on policy and legislation. It’s basically “look at me I play Fortnite now gimme money”. If this, or Animal Crossing, was being used to educate people on the policies of the Biden/Harris campaign that would be not as bad.

I’ve never seen another established democratic country where the President is treated more like a celebrity who has fans.
Obama had it, Trump has it, Hillary had it, Biden has it.

It’s more like supporting a sports team than politics.

I’d say that the average American doesn’t even know what their candidate supports. I can see how that would seem jarring if you live outside the US, but it kind of makes (bizarre) sense if you live here. So many are obsessed with celebrity culture and shows like KUWTK.


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