Engine Software once again says they're interested in bringing Killer7 to Switch

Make it happen, Suda!

For awhile there, it seemed like Killer7 was going to get a Switch port. Unfortunately, it turned out that some information on a LinkedIn page was incorrect, and a port of the game was never in the works. That said, the team behind the PC port for the game said they'd be up for bringing it to Switch.

That team is Engine Software, and we now know that they've been quite busy. They're the company that handled the Switch ports of the just-released No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. The developers def know their way around the Switch and Suda's projects, so is there more of a chance now that Killer7 could make the jump over?

Nintendo Life talked to Engine Software's owner & VP of development, Ruud van de Moosdijk, who once again said nothing is in the works right now. The good news is that the team does seem willing to jump on the project if Suda requests it.

"As far as we know a Killer7 Switch version is currently not in the works. We have at least not discussed this with Suda-San. But who knows what the future brings? We have our hands full with Scott Pilgrim, TOCS4 and Ys IX but if Suda-San wants to work with us again we will of course always listen!"

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If it does happen, I hope they do a better job than what they did with No More Heroes on Switch.

What's wrong with the Switch port of NMH?

Judging by their comment in the NMH article, they prefer the look of the PS3 version of the game and don't think the Switch version is as optimized as it should be. The remaster is perfectly fine though.

Nothing, the man is out of his mind

A Switch version of Killer7 needs to happen, the game deserves the attention of a larger audience.

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