Insomniac - Super Mario Galaxy influenced by Ratchet and Clank

A portion of a Kikizo interview with Insomniac’s Ryan Schneider…

Kikizo: You’ve said that some inspiration is taken from games and movies, but have you found influences of Ratchet in other games?

Ryan Schneider: Yeah, I think that it’s flattering… well OK, first of all, there was a PlayStation 2 game which I won’t name, that was more or less a direct rip-off of Ratchet and Clank. There’s evidence all around us I think, of certain games that have borrowed from Ratchet and Clank. One that we’re even extremely flattered by is Super Mario Galaxy, with their spherical worlds; we did spherical worlds in Going Commando, and Up Your Arsenal. It would be amazing to think that Miyamoto-san thought that was so cool that he wanted to incorporate it into Mario Galaxy. Granted, he’s doing it in a different way, but it’s still a spherical world, so it’s flattering to see those sorts of things.

Well, I think that is taking credit for something where credit isn’t due. Miyamoto was talking about spherical world ideas as early as 5 years ago, and there have been plenty of other games that did the spherical world ideas long before Ratchet and Clank. On the other hand, maybe Miyamoto is a big fan of Ratchet and Clank…who knows?! Thanks to MrBubbles for the heads up.


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