Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now the best-selling game in the franchise

Hail to the king!

Fire Emblem: Awakening may have been the Fire Emblem game to help the franchise break through outside of Japan, but there's a new king of the hill for the franchise.

Nintendo's latest financial data has confirmed that Fire Emblem: Three Houses managed to move 3.02 million units worldwide, and that tally comes from June 2020. There's no doubt that total will continue to climb as well.

For those wondering, Fire Emblem: Awakening managed to sell 2.94 million units worldwide. Without that success, it's quite unlikely Fire Emblem: Three Houses would have been able to set this new record.


Brilliant game and honestly deserves more sales.

Fantastic game overall. Hopefully the next FE game shows up.

Sat Nov 07 20 12:05am
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Yeah, sure, okay... but can it wait until after the Smash DLC is complete?

This is pretty funny

I still haven't played it. I'm a little bit afraid that I'm not going to like the monastery part that much...

If you just like the battles, that might be a wise move. But I like the monastery part, because I like the story and character development, and the monastery provides a lot of opportunities for that stuff to happen. But I'm only a certain amount through the game, so I don't know if things change and what they will be like.

Besides missing support conversations which you can easily play without, you can skip the monastery sections every time with little consequence. Like every other FE, you'll miss minor character's development as its behind those supports, but purely from a gameplay perspective, you'll be fine.

Sat Nov 07 20 12:05pm
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You can do support convos without exploring the monastery, but you do get more support points by doing activities in the monastery.

Thats true! Its been a while and I completely forgot

I'm partway through this game now and really enjoying it. I'm happy Fire Emblem seems to have found wider appeal, because I'd love for the series to continue.

Sat Nov 07 20 05:46pm
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I'm happy that Fire Emblem is doing well, but I'm sad that my personal favorites - Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn are the financial low point of the series. They told the best story with the best characters over the span of 2 games. It was absolutely epic (annoying 2010's buzzword, I know).

I was pretty disappointed by Awakening in comparison, but it was still a cool enough game. I pre-ordered the special version of Fates that had all 3 scenarios, but I lost interest in the 3rd scenario. I still have 3 Houses sealed in my game drawer. I bet it'll be fun for me, but I don't think any Fire Emblem will top Ike's saga for me. At least he lives on in Smash (thank you, Sakurai!), and I'm glad the series lives on, even if it's no longer what I feel it could be.

I'd a love a remaster of the Tellius games on the Switch, especially since Radiant Dawn is my favourite FE, and with FE1 coming now hopefully Nintendo and IS will re-release more of the older FE games in time.


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