Save me Mr Tako removed from the Switch eShop, but will return with a new patch

See you later, Mr Tako

Chris Deneos, developer on Save me Mr Tako, has announced that the game is no longer available on the Switch eShop. This is due to Deneos and publisher Nicalis parting ways. While the game is unavailable for now, it will return at an unspecified date, complete with a new patch. You can see Nicalis' statement on the matter below.

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Nicalis continuing to be shady boots.

I hope the new patch reduces the artificial difficulty and improves the overall quality Smile

I remember liking the game but stopped playing. I can't remember why. I could have been the difficulty that you mentioned. I tend to lose interest when it stops being fun.

It starts fun. Then it gets challenging, but fun. Then it gets challenging and cheap, killing the fun. Then it's just frustrating. I stopped as well, so I can't even imagine how worse it got worse from then on Sad

Thu Nov 12 20 12:09am
Rating: 1

This. The game is terrible as of now. Lack of health pickups, the odd way of spawning...everything that should have been fixed on the first place.

I wouldn't go as far as calling it terrible, the foundation is solid. But everything else you mentioned and more greatly impacts the enjoyment of the game and should be fixed

Nicalis continuing to be shady boots.

There was a recent indie game that after like a year of searching announced they had finally found a publisher but couldn't say who at the time other than "they're a western company who have experience with sidescrollers" and all I could think for the dev's sake was "Please don't be Nicalis. Please don't be Nicalis. Please don't be Nicalis."

And was it Nicalis?

I really want to buy the physical versions of Umihara Kawase Fresh and Monkey Barrels, but I don't want to give them my money. :S

Thankfully it turned out to be Tribute Games.

(Admittedly I don't know much about them but that's still better than a company that I know lots of things about where all of the things are bad. (~_~))


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