Re-Ment announces new Kirby and Pokemon figurine lines

I need them both!

Re-Ment has worked with both the Pokemon and Kirby franchises in the past to release some pretty neat figurine sets. It appears those collabs have been a success, as Re-Ment has new lines for both franchises in the works.

Re-Ment has announced Kirby Bakery Café and Pokémon Town figurine sets, and they both launch on Feb. 8th, 2021 in Japan. The Kirby Bakery Cafe is an 8-piece set including Gooey, Scarfy, Kracko, and Pitch, each priced at ¥650. The 6-piece Pokémon Town feature Pokemon from Generation 1 up to 7, and they're ¥900 a piece.

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