Today is Shigeru Miyamoto's 68th Birthday

Today is the 68th birthday of Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of numerous Nintendo characters and franchises. It is currently unknown if he or Nintendo plans to do anything special for his birthday, but historically, Miyamoto has generally been fixated on work and does not want to devote too much time to distractions. So, chances are, Miyamoto will likely just be working today, but here's hoping that he at least gets some sort of birthday cake or gift in the process too!

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Mon Nov 16 20 10:06am
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Happy Birthday Mr. Miyamoto. May you have many more decades ahead of good health.
I hear his next game is based on upending tea tables.

You mean UPending tea tables? Although unending tea tables could be an interesting game concept too!

Lol there’s an arcade game that already does that. You score points on what you hit with the stuff that’s flung off the table. Pretty fun.

Happy birthday Mr. Miyamoto! May this year be strong for you! Stay safe, stay positive, and stay warm!

Happy Birthday Shigeru Miyamoto! Now how about giving us a bit of that Super Mario cake? ;)

Happy Birthday! I know he's less revered by the gaming community in recent times, however we shouldn't forget about his outstanding contribution to the medium we all love and enjoy spending our free time on. His contribution to pop culture really can't be understated.

I think he's a fascinating guy. I once read an interview where he said one of his hobbies is guessing the size of things and measuring them to see if he was right. I mean sure, why not?

Many happy returns. :-)

Mon Nov 16 20 03:04pm
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Happy B day to that crazy man and thanks for all the fun so far. Excited to see what you have coming next =)

I really want that friggin Mario cake topper

He looks kind of reluctant to cut such a beautiful cake. I would be, too.


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