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Indie stealth game "Psycho Wolf" coming to Switch in 2021

Hungry like the wolf!
by nintendojam
18 November 2020
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Psycho wolf is an indie stealth game, which draws inspiration for its unique graphic style from the first 3D games of mid 90's. The gameplay itself is the evolution of the best mechanics encountered in modern games. Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021!

Become Psycho Wolf and slay delightful sot-animals in this weird world.
But remember, that each level is quite a challenge because the enemies are fast on feet, buff and sometimes with sharp fangs.
Keep in mind that it's not a simple hack and slash game.
Plan your moves, hide in the bushes and use crafting panel to set up traps or create camouflage. Steal. Destroy.
Get rich on your looter path and improve your mansion.
Collect unique artifacts to unlock special locations.

- Humor
- Crafting
- Cartoon style
- Lots of enemies
- Unique 2.5D retro graphics