EA adding David Bekham to all versions of FIFA 21...except for Switch

Bending the rules

Switch owners are already well aware that they got the shaft when it comes to FIFA 21, but today's news just makes it even more apparent. EA has announced that they're adding David Bekham to FIFA 21, definitely one of the biggest names to ever play the sport. All versions of the game will get Bekham...minus Switch. Why is Switch being left behind? Absolutely no explanation was given, which makes it all the more worse.

Thanks to Rockyeahh for the heads up!

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Wed Nov 18 20 08:00pm
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I actually consider this a good thing. I don’t like him or his wife. He wasn’t a great footballer, but the British media lapped him and his Spice Girl(she certainly can't sing) wife up. They needed something after Princess Diana died. He's absolutely nowhere near the greatest names to ever play the sport. Not even close!

imperator karorusu
Wed Nov 18 20 10:12pm
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His name is spelt Beckham, not Bekham. Anyway, as for the news itself, I'm actually okay with it - if EA doesn't care about us, why should we care about them?


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