Happy birthday to both the GameCube and Wii U

We salute you two!

We've got double the cause for celebration today, friends! In North America, the Wii U launched 8 long years ago. It may not have been the hit Nintendo wanted, but it certainly brought us a good amount of great first party titles.

Along with that, the GameCube is celebrating a North American anniversary as well. The system launched on Nov. 18th 19 long years ago. Crazy to think that the system came out so long ago. I'll never forget standing in line to pick mine up at GameStop. I came straight from homecoming and was dressed up in a tux! Attire certainly worthy of the GameCube's arrival.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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My two favourites. I always felt them weirdly related somehow - and now it seems to be due to an astrological connection haha. Nintendo did put a lot of great ideas and work on both of them and I'm glad to have been able to play them.

I always had a soft spot for both of these consoles even though they were both considered massive failures.

2 fantastic and often underappreciated consoles. The Gamecube was the last time Nintendo competed on power and had fairly good 3rd party support. Great controller. If you had the Gameboy Player, as I did, you had 2 consoles in one. Which could raise a debate, was the Gameboy the first hybrid console from Nintendo? You could play it portably and technically docked.

The Wii U, another fantastic machine. Where would the Switch be without all of its ports? Nintendo made a complete mess of its marketing, and it was their first forray into HD gaming, and they struggled for long periods to get up to speed. It's another console that functioned as 2. It could do everything the Wii could, had a massive back cataloue of games, had Miiverse, free online, voicechat, Virtual Console and so, so, so much more.

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I still remember going to Future Shop to go pick up my GCN preorder and thinking I was talking to an employee to figure out where to pick it up, but it was actually an MS rep and said they didn't know but they could tell me where to get an Xbox. XD
Still have both the GameCube and Wii U connected to my TV. Still have to figure out where I put that Game Boy Player disc. I loved that some GBA games supported rumble with the controller. The Wii U also being great for playing Wii and VC games.
I'm perfectly fine with Nintendo porting their GameCube, Wii and Wii U stuff to the Switch; having all those games in a convenient format where I can also play on the go is a great win. I'd love for more of the old GameCube games to have a second chance.
I really do hope that for Nintendo's next console/revision that they bring back analog triggers. That feature is sorely missed and Nintendo could do something similar to the adaptive triggers in the PS5's DualSense to mimic the analog triggers with the digital click.
Happy that Super Mario Sunshine got updated to use the controller it was meant for.

Two great systems that most people overlook, unfortunately.

And congrats to the GameCube for still having the highest software attach rate of any Nintendo system ever Smile

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