Twitch streamers getting banned for playing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

The ban hammer strikes again

A number of Twitch streamers are being hit with 48-hour bans for playing Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. While the game isn't out yet in North America, it has released in a number of other regions. This is causing confusion for streamers trying to show off the game.

There are a number of possibly explanations for this situation. First up, Nintendo might be looking to ban those who are playing leaked copies of the game, as we know the title has been pirated by players earlier in the week. If that's not the case, Nintendo might have some sort of ban on streaming in place until the game launches worldwide. If that's not the explanation, we have to turn to the old tried-and-true reason. This is another example of Nintendo being Nintendo!


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So it's okay to get banned for living in a country that isn't America?

Nintendo sure loves to piss all over their fans...

Thu Nov 19 20 07:16pm
Rating: 3

Lol Sweet! Sorry but they kinda deserve it.

So it's okay to get banned for living in a country that isn't America?

Thu Nov 19 20 08:44pm
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No. It’s ok to ban anyone that likes to spoil the fun. Sorry for being a bitter person but it’s the truth. NO ONE should be doing that at all until the game is officially released.

Fri Nov 20 20 12:38am
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It was released already. It was already the 20th in most of the rest of the world.

Still it is preferred that ALL countries should be within the day of release of the game.

If they're going to get banned for something, it should be for something worthwhile. Imagine the shame in years to come when they try and explain this to their grandkids. /s

Thu Nov 19 20 08:45pm
Rating: 2

I'm just surprised that people still haven't learned "the rules" and think it's A OK.


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