European covers for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity are exploding with logos

Might be overkill

With the release of the Switch, we've noticed that both game boxes and game cards are being overloaded with various logos. It only seems to get worse as the months roll on, and Europe certainly gets the worst of it.

The latest example of logo insanity comes from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. As you can see in the tweet above, some versions of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity have three different logos on the box! At least they're hanging out towards the bottom of the cover art, but it's still getting pretty cramped!


Fri Nov 20 20 07:45pm
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There's too much text, it ruins the cover. I was reading a French site the other day, and Google translated the page and called it Hyrule Warriors: Era of the Scourge.

Edit: Actually, I used Google Translate just now and got:

French: The Era of the Plague
Italian: The Era of the Calamity
German: Time of Devastation

Edit 2: Missed the Spanish one and there's a Dutch cover as well

Spanish: The Age of Cataclysm
Dutch: Age of Misfortune

I don’t know why Nintendo felt the need to translate the subtitle for all the different European countries. They don’t normally do this as far as I'm aware.

By the way, the german word "Verheerung" mainly means "devastation", "destruction", but it also alludes to "militarization" if taken literally, the "Heer" being a rather old fashioned word for "army".

They did it because Calamity Ganon is called differently in every european country. Verheerung Ganon in Germany for example.
BotW fans would probably recognise the translated name more than Age of Calamity.

I can tell you I've seen a lot of happy comments in Latin America that this is the first Zelda with a translated title. Same as when we got the first one with a Latin American Spanish translation (Phantom Hourglass).

Oh wow... is this... normal for European games?

There are no European games since there is no European country. AFAIK This things are handled differently depending on your country. In Germany, most game names are not translated. And when they translate, they usually only translate the byname. It is still Hyrule Warriors, not Hyrule Krieger for example. Or Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright is called Fire Emblem Fates: Vermächtnis, not Feuer Emblem Schicksale: Vermächtnis.

And they obviously only use the German translation in Germany since Germans only speak German.

Note: That is the SWISS box art - other regions of Europe have "normal" boxart - heck - the infamous German boxart looks less crowded that the Swiss one here.

You have to remember that Switzerland has 4(!) official languages, 3 of which the game was translated into with own logos.

Wow, I can see the potencial for that triple logo one to become a collectors item in the future.

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