Jupiter hosting Picross eShop sale on Switch and 3DS

Take your pick!

If you want a Picross game, there's no better developer out there than Jupiter. Now's the perfect time to see just how skilled they are, as they're offering numerous discounts on their Picross titles for both 3DS and Switch. Check out the full eShop deals below, which will be around until Dec. 3rd, 2020.


GameOriginal PriceSales Price% Off
Picross S$7.99 $6.3920%
Picross S2$8.99 $7.1920%
Picross S3$9.99 $7.9920%
Picross S4$9.99 $7.9920%
Kemono Friends Picross$9.99 $7.9920%
Picross Lord of the Nazarick$9.99 $7.9920%


GameOriginal PriceSales Price% Off
Picross e$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e2$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e3$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e4$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e5$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e6$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e7$5.99 $2.9950%
Picross e8$5.99 $2.9950%
Sanrio Characters Picross$7.99 $3.9950%


I've been craving some Picross 3D recently


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