GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 797

The one where we talk about being cute

Thanks to @KrazyKernal for the awesome artwork!

There's just so much to talk about lately! From the return of Animaniacs to the latest Nintendo news, there's a ton to cover! We sure hope you like tuning in, because we love chatting with you guys.

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Sun Nov 22 20 04:35am
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That artwork is both brilliant and hilarious. It's a living Poopa Troopa, I thought they were ex-stinked.

Edit: I found Jason, good work.

Sun Nov 22 20 04:21pm
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Can I get a hint for Jason? I've looked for an unusually long time and have not found him yet.

Sorry, I can't flood the comment section with hints.

This is a WONDERFUL experience!

Such fat tear DROPLETS of joy gushing forth from my eyes

Tue Nov 24 20 11:41am
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Ah, Thank You!
Was really small. Had to zoom in on the high resolution pic to find him
Great work as usual Kernal!

Never thought my question would eventually spawn artwork of it lmao

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