Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town's pioneering detailed, new characters revealed

No farm, no fowl

A massive wave of info has come out for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. You can read all about the ins and outs of farm life below, and also read introductions for the numerous people you'll find in town. You can also check out a huge batch of screens here.

■ Clear the Forest and Build Your Very Own Farm

Story of Seasons is a cozy life simulation series in which you can enjoy life on a farm filled with nature, growing fruits and vegetables, tending to livestock, meeting the townspeople, and building romance.

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you can clear the land yourself and enjoy a cozy life simulation with more freedom than ever before.

■ Starting Your Farm from Scratch

Clear the Land

Start your farm from scratch by clearing through a vast forest. Cut down trees, break rocks, and mow weeds… This work requires patience, but various discoveries and encounters await those who pioneer the land.

Various Encounters Await

—Obtain and grow new crops.
—Encounter animals that you can raise on your farm and even ride.
—Take photographs of wild animals and insects for the town museum.
—Discover fishing spots to catch big fish and unusual aquatic products.

The Biggest Farm in the Series Yet

At the start of the game, the farm consists only of a small plot of land covered in trees, a broken hut, and a tent for you to live in. However, by clearing the forest and gathering resources, you can repair and build new facilities to gradually expand the land and what you can do with it.

—By mending broken bridges or collapsed valleys, you will be able to go to new lands.
—By fixing up the deserted house you discover, you can turn it into an animal shed where you can raise your livestock.

Layout the land you clear as you like! Use tools to freely develop your farm, from the positioning of the animal shed to the scope of the field, various patterned roads and fences, sprinklers, and more. Whether your farm is huge, large, or has a slightly unusual use of space, this vast land is yours to create as you please!

■ Full-Fledged Farm Management

The farm management of previous Story of Seasons games has been even further enhanced in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Livestock and Farming

Plow the land, sow the seeds, and keep them watered to grow all sorts of crops. By shipping out harvested crops for money, you can gradually develop your farm to become even bigger.

By taking care of your livestock, your can obtain animal by-products, then either ship those out or go to the extra effort of processing to sell it for an even higher price.

By using the various ingredients obtained through livestock and farming, you can cook various cuisines. While you can ship out and sell the cuisines you cook, you can also eat them yourself to restore stamina, allowing you to carry out your farm work even longer.

The money obtained through farm management can be used to upgrade tools such as your axe, hoe, and watering can, which will only make farm life easier such as by increasing the amount of land that can be plowed at once.

And there are various other fun things to look forward to, including beekeeping, mushroom growing, fruit growing, and more.


Coropon are spirits you encounter as you live your life on the farm. By befriending the Coropon, they will give you crops and materials produced in their village. While there are not many Coropon at first, you will discover many as you pioneer the land. In the process of clearing the land and befriending them, they may even take you to a “special place”…

■ The Residents of Olive Town


The mayor of Olive Town.


Museum curator and Victor’s wife.


Animal shop owner who loves conversation.


A kind-hearted carpenter and poor conversationalist.


A good-natured man who manages the town hotel.


The dependable cafe hostess.

■ The Love Interests of Olive Town


A ranger who preserves the town’s nature. A calm man of few words, he is a leader type who takes the initiative when the time calls for it. It seems that he used to play sports…?


His family runs the general goods store. He is often scolded by his younger sister Cindy for his lack of motivation, but for some reason is difficult to hate. He is always thinking about whether there is anything he can do for the town.


An easygoing and reliable big sister-type. She is the tour guide of Olive Town. She cares for her family very much and takes care of her father, who is in poor health.


A cheerful and determined girl who works at the bistro. She dreams of becoming a star and leaving Olive Town. She used to live in the city.

■ New Features

In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you can freely take photographs of your farm life using the in-game camera function. Take photographs of the animals you discover, your farm, and unexpected moments with the town residents to create your very own album of memories.

Additionally, by uploading your avatar data, your character can visit other players’ towns as a tourist. (You cannot actually visit other users’ towns yourself, however.)

■ Nintendo eShop Purchase Bonus

Users who purchase Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town via the Nintendo eShop will receive the “Neil’s Jacket Style” outfit downloadable content as a bonus. (Neil appeared in Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning.)


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