Limited Run Games releasing new physical copies of Shadow of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja

The NES and Game Boy live on

Limited Run Games has revealed that they're doing new prints for Shadow of the Ninja and Return of the Ninja. There will be a standard version and collector's version for each. Here's what comes in the Collector's Version of Shadow of the Ninja.

- Pixel art Hayate & Kaede portrait pin set
- Acrylic standee
- Commemorative premium metal coin
- 12-song physical CD soundtrack
- Reversible 18’ x 24’ poster
- Playable Shadow of the Ninja NES cartridge with classic packaging.
- Instruction booklet
- Limited Run dust sleeve

As for Return of the Ninja, here's what the Collector's Version includes.

- Reversible 18’ x 24’ poster
- Tsukikage & Sayuri matching pixel art pin set
- Premium metal coin, a retro style acrylic standee
- 16-song physical CD soundtrack
- Playable version of Return of the Ninja in classic GBC packaging with a retro transparent cartridge.
- Instruction booklet

You can grab your pre-orders for these games here


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