Tomy Arts releasing Pikachu and Gengar sleeping plush cushions

Go ahead, take a nap

Tomy Arts has released countless Pokemon merch over the years, and their latest offering is meant for those looking for something to snuggle up with.

The company has revealed super-sized Pikachu and Gengar sleeping plushes, which launch April 1st, 2021 in Japan. Each plush is priced at 11,000 yen, with Gengar coming in at 51 cm in height (about 20.8”), and Pikachu measuring 74 cm (about 29.1”) in width.

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So that Gengar can eat my dreams? No thank you

I just checked and it can indeed learn Hypnosis and Dream Eater. I'd stay away as well

Because who doesn't want a sleeping Gengar on their lap?

I need that Gengar plush in my life right now.

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