Shin Megami Tensei Pop-up Store announced for Japan

Pop in, why don't you?

Happinet has announced that they're opening a Shin Megami Tensei Pop-up Store in HMV & Books Shibuya on December 1st, 2020, and it's only sticking around until December 20th, 2020. This store will feature all sorts of exclusive SMT merch, and you can see the full lineup below.

- Demon Fusion Cerberus Hoodie for 8,000 yen plus tax
- Wisdom God Thoth’s Leather Book Cover for 3,000 yen plus tax.
- Hee Ho Print Round Pouches for 1,500 yen plus tax each
- 5-piece Metal Charm Set based on SMT icons for 4,000 yen plus tax
- Long T-Shirt for 6,800 yen plus tax
- Decarabia T-Shirt for 5,000 yen plus tax
- Jack Frost/Black Frost Masks for 1,200 yen plus tax each
- Jack Frost/Black Frost Eye Masks for 1,300 yen plus tax each
- Jack Frost Denim Plush will go for 5,980 yen.
- Black Frost Ring costs 25,800 yen plus tax.
- Demi-fiend Ring is another item on the pricier side at 22,800 yen plus tax

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They're really going old school with what they're selling. I wonder if this indicates any plans to get those older NES and SNES games onto the Switch Online service. đŸ¤” I know they put the original SMT on the Japanese SNES service, but maybe they're bringing other stuff? Is this really the era of SMT that's most well-regarded in Japan?

Also, some of those items are pretty good. Not worth the asking price, but pretty neat nonetheless.

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