Dragalia Lost "Gala Leonidas Appears In Gala Dragalia," game updated to Version 2.2.0

Along with the trailer above that reveals Gala Leonidas is heading to Dragalia Lost, the game has also been updated to Version 2.2.0. Check out the full notes on this update below.

▼Wyrmprint-related improvements

・On the Edit Teams screen, players will be able to register a particular adventurer’s equipped wyrmprints into decks that can be saved and used to equip other adventurers with the exact same setup.

・Players will be able to search for wyrmprints by affinity and find abilities that satisfy more specific conditions. The way that abilities are arranged will be adjusted, and players may choose to display them in groups based on conditions such as strength and defense.

・The method that the optimize feature uses to determine which wyrmprints are best suited for the given conditions will be adjusted.

・A page introducing recommended wyrmprints will appear in the Treasure Trade for Wyrmprints.

・On the Edit Teams and Treasure Trade for Wyrmprints screens, players will be able to search for a particular wyrmprint by entering its name or the name of one of its abilities directly into the search field.

・The exclamation mark (!) meant to alert players that they have yet to unlock all copies of a particular wyrmprint will no longer be displayed on that wyrmprint (even if they still have not unlocked all copies of it).

▼Legend Difficulty for The Agito Uprising

Starting at 7:00 AM, Nov 27, 2020, the Legend difficulty will be added to Volk’s Wrath in The Agito Uprising. When forming a team for Volk’s Wrath: Legend, please note that only adventurers of a certain element will be allowed to participate. Legend-difficulty quests can be accessed from the Challenge Events (Legend Difficulty) section of the Quests menu.

Clear a Legend-difficulty quest in The Agito Uprising to collect materials used to refine Agito weapons to their second stage. By refining these weapons to their second stage, you can alter their appearance.

■Other Changes

・Certain items will be limited in how many of them can be traded at once in the Treasure Trade.
・The user interface will be adjusted in various places.

■Issues Addressed

・The speed at which Incognito Nefaria moves while casting the Ancient Incandescence skill changes depending on the setting of the Smoothing option.

・While playing co-op in Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Standard and Expert difficulties, when Ayaha & Otoha (human form) use their Hakkeyoi skill, adventurers on guest devices may be restrained even if they are outside of the visual indicator of Ayaha’a restraint effect and are not hit by Otoha’s attack afterward.

・While playing co-op in Ayaha & Otoha’s Wrath on Standard and Expert difficulties, when Ayaha & Otoha (human form) use their Hakkeyoi skill under certain conditions, the effect and the position where adventurers are restrained will sometimes not be aligned between the host and guest.

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