Hackers use the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to play Pokemon Red/Blue, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. 3, and more

Nintendo will not be pleased

Just a few days back, we shared footage of someone who had hacked the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to play DOOM on it. I think we all knew that marked the opening of the floodgates for all sorts of other hacks hitting the platform.

Now hackers are turning the portable into a platform to play all sorts of classic Nintendo titles. There's no doubt Nintendo isn't too happy to see things like this going on, but I'm sure they also knew it would be unavoidable. Now let's see how much further people can push the platform!

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I wonder how long before they add Sonic to it as well. But beyond GB, GBC, Master System, NES, and some Genesis and GBA games, I don't see what else they could do... Crysis would be mind-blowing :P

Thu Nov 26 20 06:09am
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Super Mario Bros 3 and a few more G & W Mario titles should have been included in the device from the start.

Hackers do what Nintendon't yet again.

but the thing is suppose to be super mario bros focus...

At some point, it'll probably run Doom. Because everything runs Doom.

Though this is probably more for funsies and less useful given the device's probable limitations, since, well, it's just a collectible and not really that much of a proper retro machine. I wish we got VC back instead of... all this.

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