Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition - more gameplay

When two intentions and two sets of memories overlap... all will be revealed. In the end, is there a route for all nine to escape with their lives?


I'm begging Japanese people to give their games normal titles.

I seen this game listed as one of only two retail releases in the North American downloads for this week, with a price tag of $46, so I decided to look it up, watch some trailers and reviews. It's not bad, not great either in terms of reviews, it's definitely not my kind of game.

My issue with the game is that it's $46 on Switch. One of the things I noticed while searching is that it's currently on sale on Steam for $12.24, usually $35. The game is 8 years old and first released on the XB360 and Windows. And if you think $46 is bad, there's a Collector's Edition on Switch for €120.

To be fair the normal collector's edition is 80 € while the one for 120 € includes a dakimakura.
40 € for a friggin' pillow cover is insane though. I'm OK with the price for the normal collector's edition and I have it in fact preordered.

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