Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for Nov. 27th, 2020

[Summoning Focus] A new Legendary Hero Summoning Event is now live. It features the following Heroes: Freyja (Lady of Nightmare), Triandra (Nightmare), Eliwood (Blazing Knight), Sothis (Girl on the Throne), Tiki (Legendry Dragon), Azura (Vallite Songstress), Hel (Death Sovereign), Corrin (Child of Dusk), Leif (Unifier of Thracia), Lysithea (Earnest Seeker), Anna (Secret Seller), Shinon (Scathing Archer). Click here to check out the preview video! (available until December 9th)

[Special Maps] The Mythic Hero Battle feat. Freyja (Lady of Nightmare) and Triandra (Nightmare) is now live (available until December 9th)

[Special Maps] The Legendary/Mythic Hero Battles feat. Corrin (Child of Dusk), Hel (Death Sovereign), Leif (Unifier of Thracia), Sothis (Girl on the Throne), Eliwood (Blazing Knight), Azura (Vallite Songstress), and Tiki (Legendary Dragon) are now back (available until December 9th)

[Story Maps] A new Tactics Drills map is now available: Nightmarish Duo (Skill Studies) (no end date)

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