Immortals: Fenyx Rising Switch Vs. PS5 footage, plus more gameplay

Definitely a difference here

New gameplay for Immortals: Fenyx Rising has come out today, showing us what the Switch version looks like. How does it compare to the PS5 version? Check out the side-by-side video above, along with just straightforward Switch gameplay.

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Noticeable difference but still good looking and playable on switch

I haven't watched it yet, but these comparison videos nearly always put me right off buying the Switch version. The bigger the game, the bigger the differences. I'll watch it shortly.

There differences but as bad as I'd have thought. The big question is: will the game be any good!?

Sat Nov 28 20 11:24am
Rating: 1

That's what I wonder. Because like with Starlink, it just seems like another project devoid a stronger identity.

A product aim to appeal the most people and at the same time not feeling as special as I think it should be.

If there's anything below the surface I haven't seen or heard it yet.

From those who tested a demo it seems like the gameplay is OK. THe game looks OK.... But not much more so far. I must admit that I am getting very picky with games, but still just unsure about this one.

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