Nintendo shares new tips for cleaning your Switch

Steps for disinfection

Nintendo has already shared a few guidelines for keeping your Switch clean, but over in Japan they've released a round of updated suggestions. If you're looking to keep your Switch germ-free, here's the steps Nintendo suggests taking.

- do not use alcohol made for uses other than disinfection, such as fuel, as it may damage the device
- do not immerse the device or apply the antiseptic solution directly, as the device may break if liquids enter its inside
- make sure the device has been thoroughly dried after disinfection before using it

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So I can't clean it in the washing machine? /s 😉

But how does one get the oiliness off the joycon? I am not a fan of the shiny but, as an American, its law i eat greasy foods when i game.

Fri Nov 27 20 05:37pm
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From what I learned from the pandemic is that oily substances dissolve with a combination of soap and water. Maybe an alcohol tissue could also help.

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