Super Nintendo World opens Feb. 4th, 2021 in Japan, new details on the Mario Kart AR ride

A whole new way to play

Universal has confirmed that Super Nintendo World is set to open its gates on Feb. 4th, 2021 in Japan. Fans don't have much longer to wait to see the park in all of its glory, including the Mario Kart ride. You can find all-new details about that attraction below, courtesy of RumiReports.

- the Mario Kart ride uses AR but is on rails
- the ride is called Koopa’s Challenge and is located inside Bowser’s castle
- the castle has themed walls, doors, banners, ceilings, lights and a giant statue of Bowser
- visitors see all this and a trophy room while lining up for the ride
- every rider is given a slim headset with a visor
- each Mario Kart has 4 seats and each seat has a steering wheel
- while the kart is on-rails, riders are given some control
- riders can collect items and throw shells at other karts
- there are two side-by-side rail tracks
- each ride will be a unique experience and visitors aren’t guaranteed to win
- riders set off from Bowser's castle and race through different scenes
- locations include a lava level, underwater, a spooky area, Rainbow Road and more
- the course uses AR, projection mapping and other tech
- headsets will be sanitized and social distance enforced

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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It looks great.

- each ride will be a unique experience and visitors aren’t guaranteed to win

Let's see people try to rage quit this version of Mario Kart. 😉

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