Dragon Quest V novelist files second lawsuit related to the Dragon Quest: Your Story movie

So slimy

Dragon Quest V novel author Saori Kumi has filled a lawsuit against Square-Enix and Toho concerning the Dragon Quest: Your Story movie. The movie is an adaptation of the Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, but it also clearly pulled from the novelization as well. The movie's main character is named Ryuka, same as the one in the novel. Along with that, the main character in the novel and the movie follow very similar storylines.

Kumi wasn’t credited at all in the movie, even though it was advertised as an adaptation of the novel. This led to Kumi filing a lawsuit against the production committee of the film, and now she's going after both Square-Enix and Toho. Kumi wants 2 million yen in damages, along with a public apology.


Do you think they sign over anything saying this novel becomes sole property of Square Enix or does this person really have a shot? I figured big corporations think of this stuff.

If they just used her work and never credited her, I think she should sue--assuming they are legally obliged to credit her and/or pay for using her work in this case, of course.

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