Switch hardware sales in the UK up 96% in November as compared to October, up 63% year-on-year

Switch continues to climb

The game industry numbers in the UK for November 2020 are in, and Nintendo had yet another stellar showing. The Switch may have missed out on first place in terms of hardware due to the launch of PS5, but the system still rocked stores bigtime. Check out full details from the month below.

- nearly 900,000 game consoles were sold in the UK during November
- it was the eighth biggest month for console sales and the second biggest month for console revenue, behind December 2013
- Switch came in second place to the PS5
- Switch hardware sales were up 96% over the previous four weeks
- Switch hardware sales are up 63.1% year-on-year
- 2.38 million games were sold in the UK last month
- Switch games were the most popular of the month, accounting for nearly 35% of all games sold
- Nintendo was the top publisher of the month
- big sellers were Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Minecraft and Super Mario 3D All-Stars
- nearly 1.25 million accessories were sold in November, which is up 61.4% month-on-month and 48.3% year-on-year

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Noooooo! I was told Nintendo was bound to fail this year, what with them not having a BIG holiday title and all... Guess their big holiday titles are still AC:NH then? And Mario Kart 8, that full retail 6 years old game that STILL sells like hotcakes and people with obvious knowledge of business claimed it should sell for half of that (granted, most of those sales probably came from the bundles, but still...)

A lot of people lack basic Maths skills, sadly.
And MK8Dx does sell a lot of bundles, but also outside bundles. Besides its second quarter on the market, it has always sold over 1 million per quarter, bundle or not.

I just wish we knew the actual hardware numbers, or at least the difference between PS5 and Switch

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