Q-Games Releases PixelJunk Eden 2 for the Nintendo Switch Next Week With a 34% Discount For a Limited Time!

Q-Games Releases PixelJunk Eden 2 for the Nintendo Switch Next Week With a 34% Discount For a Limited Time!

Groove out with PixelJunk™: Eden 2, optimized for the new generation.

Kyoto based video game developer, Q-Games today announced that PixelJunk™: Eden 2 will be launching on December 10th, 2020! Fans can pre-purchase the new title starting today. A special 34% discount on the Nintendo Switch eShop will be available until December 16th, 2020.

PixelJunk™ Eden 2 is a meditative experience from acclaimed Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon who serves as Q-Game’s Creative Director. Baiyon returns once again to the PixelJunk™ Eden series to provide his unique vision of art and music in order to create an unforgettable experience that draws players in. The soundtrack contains the minimal techno / house sound of its predecessor, but with more of an organic feel.

Players will be able to enjoy traversing the rich, vibrant world of PixelJunk™ Eden 2 either in single player or with a friend. In addition, players can choose their favorite levels and explore how they want in the unlockable Garden Collection mode. In the Garden Collection mode, players will be able to combine various Spices with different Grimps, and Gardens to find their favorite experiences. Local Co-Op returns to the series, allowing up to two players to collaborate and work together to create real time action paintings.

  • Unlock new Grimps with different perks, each providing new challenges!

  • Local Co-Op: The background reacts to both players’ movements allowing players to create a beautiful action painting together.  

  • Alter the world in mind binding ways by using a variety of Spices to improve Pollen gathering, changing the Grimp’s movement, spending more time cultivating the Gardens, or even increasing the amount of enemies!

  • A euphoric soundtrack that matches the world to create a true meditative experience.

  • PixelJunk™ Eden 2 provides countless hours of play with a bountiful amount of Gardens to choose from. Each with a multitude of variations.

  • An artistic visual style that keeps changing, like peeking into a kaleidoscope.

PixelJunk™ Eden 2 will be released soon! You can get the game 34% cheaper if you purchase the game before December 16th, 2020. The standard price of the game will be $14.99/€ 12,99. The price during special sale: $9.89 / € 8,57.

eShop Links:

Nintendo eShop Pixel Junk Eden 2 Store Page (US)

Nintendo eShop Pixel Junk Eden 2 Store Page (UK)


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