Get another look at Super Nintendo World Japan's Mario Kart ride with a new video

Curves ahead!

We shared the official announce video from Universal Studios for Super Nintendo World in Japan, which gave us a quick look at the Mario Kart experience the park offers. In the video above, we get a much better look at what the inside of Bowser's Castle looks like, along with the karts and other goodies. Man, does this look incredibly exciting!

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So Nintendo are rumoured to be building a Donkey Kong section next door. It wouldn't be my choice, but then it is Japan, so they were hardly likely to go with Zelda.

Im shocked DK is the next section being built. DKC is huge in Japan (as is over here) but given how shitty Nintendo treats the series and its characters Im shocked it wasnt Zelda, Animal Crossing, or Splatoon. I bet Nintendo does nothing for DK's 40th anniversary next year and Tropical Freeze will be the only DK game we get on Switch in its entire life. Hey at least they threw us DK fans a bone by adding K.Rool to Smash after 14 plus years of begging for him.

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