Latest Switch firmware update auto-enables the sharing of user data

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Did you turn off the data sharing feature on your Switch? If so and you updated your Switch to the latest firmware, you might be surprised to know that your choice has been reset. You'll have to go back into your settings and toggle the option off once again if you don't want to share your user data with Google. You can accomplish this by going to the user icon, scroll to eShop settings, click on your icon, scroll down to Google Analytics preferences, and click change to switch permissions.

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Real Nintendo fans let Nintendo harvest all their data. /sarcasm

On a serious note it's good someone noticed this, data privacy is important.

Just an addition: Google Analytics also has a setting on the Switch's new NSO app! Just visit your profile on the NSO app on Switch if you wish to change this Google Analytics setting.

It doesn't seem be on my Switch, but I'm in the UK and that still falls under the EU laws that make it harder for companies to harvest our personal data.

Thu Dec 03 20 06:21pm
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Thanks to the GDPR - this option does not exist for EU accounts.

Huh...never bothered with it.


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