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Management game "Onsen Master" announced for Switch

Hot times at the hot spring
by rawmeatcowboy
16 December 2020
GN Version 5.0

Looking for another management game to busy yourself with? Onsen Master is on the way, and it puts you in charge of a hot spring. Read full details for the game below.

Onsen Master is a hot spring customer management game where players must revitalize various hot springs across the fantasy island of Izajima! Create ingredients to match the various customer ailments, reconnect the communities that surround each onsen, and discover the supernatural world that they've long since been disconnected from.

Dive into a 1-2 player story mode, or take on others in a competitive couch multiplayer mode where you must each work to manage your customers within the same hot spring.

Short and sweet 1-2 player story across 6 hot spring levels!
Unveil the island of Izajima in a visual novel style narrative with a cute anime aesthetic!
Skip the story and dive right in with Arcade Mode.
Take on others in a competitive 2-player local multiplayer.
An original soundtrack full of tunes akin to a Feudal fairytail, composed by Dorrell Ettienne.


A dark cloud has sprung over the island of Izajima and its effects weigh heavily on the inhabitants. To top things off, mischievous spirits called yokai have returned and are running amok within the various hot springs. As Mu, you've been tasked with filling the shoes of your now missing sensei, the great "Onsen Master". It is now up to you to restore the balance and uncover what happened to the previous master.