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Ninjala to make changes to the 'Favorites' system in the near future

by rawmeatcowboy
22 December 2020
GN Version 5.0

GungHo has announced that they'll be tweaking Ninjala's Favorites system in the near future. You can get a full breakdown of the changes, along with update times below.

This notice is about impending changes related to Communication (sticker / emotes) registered as "Favorite". As of Season 4, we will be making some changes to the "Favorite" system. As part of those changes, "Communications" will be removed from the "Favorite" section.

■Implementation time

Jan. 07, 2021 (PST)
07 Jan. 2021, (GMT)
07 Jan. 2021 (AEST)

■Change Details


Favorites will be split into two sections: "Battle Equipment" and "Avatar Equipment".
Upon implementation, kits belonging to a registered set will be sorted into "Battle Equipment" and "Avatar Equipment", while "Communications" will be left out.


As of Season 4 the Communication Menu will be expanded, for a brand new total of 5 pages.

■ Notes

Communications equipped as "Current Kit" will not be removed upon the beginning of Season 4.
Therefore, should you want to keep a particular communication as part of a set, we kindly ask that you save it as “Current Kit" before Season 3 ends.