Nintendo's lawsuit against MariCar ends in favor of Nintendo, MariCar to owe Nintendo 50 million yen

Nintendo has long been trying to shut down the business practices of MariCar, a kart-racing company in Tokyo that allows its consumers to race through the streets of Japan in Mario-themed attire. Back in 2017, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against the company, as MariCar did not have the rights or permission to use Nintendo's iconic Mario characters. Many court cases and appeals later, Nintendo continued to take the kart-racing company to court. And now, as of today, Japan's Supreme Court ruled in favor of Nintendo, and MariCar now owes Nintendo 50 million yen. 

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¥50,000,000 sounds massive, but it's around €394,000 when converted. It would be pocket change to Nintendo, but it may be a Blue Shell of death to MariCar.

I'm sure it'll be much less behind the scenes. Nintendo likes to do big numbers to scare others away from trying stunts like this.
Converted to American Dollars its also only $481,700.20

Mon Dec 28 20 12:20pm
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Thats not how it works. They are way past the point for of settling "behind the scenes" for less. That would be done before the case, and at this point this is the 3rd case, went to court. The whole reason it got this far is because C&Ds and threatening lawsuits didn't scare this company to begin with.

oh, well damn. I had forgotten how bad this whole thing had gotten as it had fallen off the news for a while.

This had to go all the way to the Supreme Court??

Thats fairly normal for lengthy court cases like this with multiple appeals.

they just never learn. i bet after this settles, they will still do it


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