GoNintendo Podcast Highlights (Ep. 802): Zelda voice actress responds to online hate

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Our latest highlight is from episode 802, and it's a bit more serious than usual. We discuss how Patricia Summersett, the voice actress for Zelda, handles the online negativity she gets for her portrayal. It leads into a discussion of online hate in general, which we all know to be a problem.

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Not everything is some huge social issue. Not everything is "____ist".

If she got direct harassment about her VA job in BotW, as always, that's wrong. However, people have a right to voice their opinions about things. Fans who have paid their hard-earned money, let alone have supported said franchise for years, even decades, so that it's even a thing today, have that right.

And frankly, the way she played Zelda, even "remote, frozen in spiritual combat with Ganon" Zelda, just didn't sound right. Almost everyone picked up on that right away. The accent sounded phony. In general it sounded lazy and dispassionate, listless, no emotion. It just didn't sound good. Simple as that.

Wed Dec 30 20 06:47pm
Rating: 2

Those who whine without any actual argument, those who threaten and those who actually send death threats are mostly just keyboard warriors. Ignore them and they'll be gone when they don't get their attention. That's all they are after.

And yes, a good opinion is always welcome. And if it has a good argument on it's side it's even better. I really like her VA. So much that I sometimes wanted to go back English dubs, but the rest of the Japanese cast were just too good. She was a bit odd, but odd in a good way. And her accent? I, personally, found it good since it's Hyrule, not the real world. Made it a bit special. THese are just my opinions though.

Not everything is "____ist

Can't agree more. But keyboard warriors are but keyboard warriors ;)

I agree with what you're saying here in principle, but there's not really much of an argument here. The quality of any acting is subjective.

I remember watching The Graduate with a friend back in college and at one point my friend chuckled because he thought Dustin Hoffman had a bad line read and vocalized this opinion. I said "No, I think that read was exactly how the character we know would have reacted." He said, "No, I think it's just bad acting."


And then we just kept watching the movie, because there really wasn't anything left to discuss. A performance is going to click with people or it isn't.

And as you said people have a right to say "I found this character's portrayal to be wooden" or whatever, as long as they aren't jerks about it. But hey, internet anonymity breeds all sorts of vile rhetoric. Just the other day on here a fellow GN user hurled a vicious screed against me assuming a lot about my knowledge of a game series simply because I suggested they make some more changes to the 7th game in a long running strategy series. 🤷‍♀️

Wed Dec 30 20 07:31pm
Rating: 2

Dead Rising gave his opinion to why it was bad, I explained why I like it. So yes, we can agree on that part for sure. Opinions are opinions. Some think Keanu is a great actor, I think he has great roles often with grat actors/actresses with him, but his acting is lacking. Trust me, I get a lot of shit for that, but I mean it.

But when you even see death threats to a VA because of the story she didn't write it's getting beyond pathetic. And didn't Platinum games get threats for Bayonetta 2 being Wii U exclusive? But again: these people are only out for attention. If they would meet any of these people in real life.... ;)

Anyway, for me she did a great job as Zelda. Or at least as the BOTW Zelda. Maybe people had expected something else and that just didn't happen. I don't know. It's not the best VA in the world, nit what I ams aying, but I like it for what it is and think fits in.

Now I'm curious to what game you guys were "talking" about Smile

People even use the "racist card" these days if soemone doesn't like their praised game.

Sorry for the typos..Tired and lazy.

I was stopped short of being called racist for saying I didn’t like the Japanese VO in BOTW and thought it was too shrill sounding.

Hahaha. How is that even... WHat?

But hey! Try to say the story of LOU2 is bad...

The internet shines!

Wed Dec 30 20 06:50pm
Rating: 2

It makes me sick to hear such horrible things to say about anyone who does an amazing job on their part of acting. Yes, some people need some improvements on the character but no one should be a real jerk about it.

Wed Dec 30 20 08:22pm
Rating: 2

Fandoms always turn toxic whenever a series becomes popular. Sometimes is more about riling people up or just steam out frustration hating on something.

The latin american voice actress also got hate on how she acted Zelda, as apparently she got directed on delivering a more innocent and younger take on the character, which made people think it was another person doing the voice.

This is the type of stuff why this hobby is still seen as immature and childish.

Like I've said, it's ok to be disappointed and giving criticism. But the way it's expressed should also be as mature as they expect their games to be.

That is extremely true. I mean I hear her voice too and yeah it’s not too bad at least.

I disagree with the notion that every time a contingent of any fanbase criticizes or vocally dislikes something, it's "toxic". I'm not saying there aren't "toxic fans", there are. But that term, among many others these days, gets WAY overused, to the point of nearly lacking meaning.

Her voice acting isn't a game-breaker, and yes, the VA for most of the rest of the game isn't great all around either. Personally, I never thought a Zelda game needed VA, and still don't for this reason. But I still think it's a valid criticism, that her VA work as Zelda just wasn't that good. It could/should have been much better, IMO.

It's not the criticism the issue, but the online harassment of individuals. WHich does happen and has become expected to happen. Movies and games aren't made by individuals but groups of people taking decisions.

I'll argue VA is needed if a series want to put more emphasis in it's storytelling for a mainstream audience. Fact is most people have become used to hear their characters speak or act the part in games that have more cinematic storytelling, which this game has, and the most the Zelda series has ever had.

In regards to VA, I think that's still growing pains, considering the direction seems to be different in every language handling the same script but with different delivery. Japanese games have still to improve compared to western developers in regards to acting drama in their games. Since it can still feel very stilted.

Every hobby has terrible fans. Don't even get me started on the sports nuts.

How often do video game fans start riots?

People are terrible in general - it's not one fandom in particular.

People of the same religion even kill each other for not agreeing on an interpretation... So yeah.

I think there's too much focus on her because tbh all the voice acting in this game is awful, she never struck me as particularly egregious among the rest of the cast

Wed Dec 30 20 11:05pm
Rating: 1

I mean, she's the protagonist and central character to these games.

This may also be the reason why they don't give Link a voice. Nothing will meet those expectations.

Peoples counter argument to Patricia is that people are entitled to voice their opinions, even if they disliked the performance, and that’s fair. But at the same time some people are also dismissing the fact Patricia is voicing her own opinion and her experience.

You can’t advocate for freedom of civil expression towards someone and their performance and at the same time dismiss their opinion. It’s classic “my opinion is valid and yours is not” - which just makes you an arsehole.


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