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GoNintendo Podcast Highlights (Ep. 802): Zelda voice actress responds to online hate

by rawmeatcowboy
30 December 2020
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As you might know, the GoNintendo Podcast has been going for a very long time. We cover a lot of topics throughout each episode, ranging from Nintendo to other video games, pop culture and more. Sometimes people don't have time for the full episode and just want the juiciest bits. That's where our new YouTube channel comes in!

We've just launched a GoNintendo Podcast Highlights channel on YouTube. Now you can tune in for specific segments from each episode. We'll do our best to highlight the most interesting/unique/funny bits from each show and upload them to the channel every week. Expect anywhere from 3-5 clips on the channel every week!

Our latest highlight is from episode 802, and it's a bit more serious than usual. We discuss how Patricia Summersett, the voice actress for Zelda, handles the online negativity she gets for her portrayal. It leads into a discussion of online hate in general, which we all know to be a problem.

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