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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit combined with LEGO Super Mario for an enhanced interactive experience

LEGOing the extra mile
by rawmeatcowboy
03 January 2021
GN Version 5.0

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and LEGO Super Mario are pretty unique experiences on their own, but what happens when you bring the two together? The gang at Playfool did just that by strapping LEGO Super Mario onto the back of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit's Kart!

Along with LEGO Super Mario dangling off the back of the kart, a new set of markers were created that LEGO Super Mario can scan as you drive over them. These mark the start and end of the race, add in time bonuses, allow for item pick-ups, and even let you squash some enemies while you're driving. You get all the sound effects from LEGO Super Mario in real-time as you're speeding around your custom track!