DSiWare games are reportedly disappearing from the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Some players are reporting that DSiWare games are beginning to disappear from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. This is a bit sudden, as Nintendo nor any company that has released games onto the platform has made any sort of statement on the matter. Some users have speculated that this may actually be an error and that the games will be relisted once Nintendo notices the mistake. If this is an intentional decision, then anyone who has managed to download these DSi titles now has a digital collector's item!

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How are those physical DSiware games going for you?

This really angers me if this is the case and Nintendo gave no warning.

I never grabbed Mighty Milky Way Sad

And I just realized I forgot to buy Dragon Quest Wars. :S

I warned all of you all about the dangers of digital. Why you shouldn't choose that path. But you didn't listen. YOU DIDN'T LISTEN!

How are those physical DSiware games going for you?

Pretty good. It's also called a modded system ;p

Gonna have to call the Nintendo Ninjas!

Sounds like a coding issue with the store rather an intentional removal.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

Brb maxing out my credit card buying what's left of DSiWare.

Notice would have been nice. But as it is at the beginning of the year, I wonder if any of this had to do with license expirations or trying to move people to updated versions of those games.

Still, I never knew some of those games existed. I would have bought some of them for sure (e.g., Dragon Quest Wars).

Mon Jan 04 21 10:03am
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I would advice everyone to wait for an official statement. This could be a mistake for all we know and Nintendo has so far said in advance when they'll take down services.

Don't be to trigger happy just yet. Calm down and enjoy your day.

The thing is Nintendo of America rarely announces closures in advance when it comes to pulling games for expired licenses. It's mainly been NCL and 3rd parties that give the heads-up in those cases. Like for example, it was NCL that established that certain Mario games on Switch will be pulled by March 2021's end. If NCL didn't establish it first, then NoA never would have told us until the games vanished.

Well that sounds... Weird. Why would NoA be so.. I have a lack of words here so: foolish?

NoA's execs and legal team in some ways don't have the reality check and tend to operate as they would be in the 1990s. It's taken NCL (especially during the Iwata era) to overrule NoA on matters. While NoA has loosened up in some regards, they're the same company that ruled gaming with an iron fist until Sony and Microsoft knocked Nintendo as a whole down some pegs.

Mon Jan 04 21 11:28am
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I looked into it, and it seems like games from launch and up to those released on May 16, 2011 aren't available for download (this means there are no first-party DSiWare games available).

What I want to know is why people are suddenly interested in DSiWare? I thought the internet told me not to give a damn about those.

Speaking seriously, it's a shame people may just be realizing about the existence of some games like Snapdots, Link 'n' Launch, Trajectile and X-Scape

Yeah this. What dsi games outside of Risky's Revenge and that Tri Force game are worth getting? I mean I did have interest in Minis March again but seeing how its nearly the same as Mini-Land Mayhem, I lost interest in that one download-only game.

Odd that they wouldn't give some notice first for those that still wanted to purchase these games last second. I personally have not touched my 3DS in a very long time so no bid deal to me, but I can see others being a bit annoyed.


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