New code discovered for Street Fighter Alpha 2 25 years after its launch

The fighter's code

Street Fighter Alpha 2 came to the Super Nintendo 25 years ago, and its taken that long for one of the game's cheat codes to be discovered.

Street Fighter fan Gizaha went poking around the game to try and reverse engineer the experience, which is what led him to the code's discovery. This code allows you to unlock Shin Akuma for the game's roster. In order to make the code work, you have to complete Arcade Mode with a new high score. After that, enter the initials “KAJ” and then return to the title screen. With the player-two controller, hold down the L, X, Y and Start buttons while the player-one controller is used to select Versus mode. Finally, either player can hold the start button while selecting Akuma to unlock Shin Akuma.

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This is awesome, fantastic news! I was and still am a huge fan of Street Fighter Alpha 2 for Super Nintendo. This is going on Video Game News tonight!

I tried it AND IT WORKS! pretty cool stuff

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